Hi, and welcome to my Web site. You may have found your way here because you love to read, as I do. I've been writing professionally for 30 years and reading the writing of others for much longer. I can still recall some of the first books I read as a child and the impression they left with me.

Many of the people who've read my books and articles over the years have shared their responses with me. It's gratifying to learn that one's writing has informed, entertained, perhaps even moved readers to laughter or tears.

I've decided to create this Web site to share some of my writing with a wider audience. Here you will find information about my books, and from time to time, I will post copies of some of my articles that have been published. I hope you find something on my Web site to read and enjoy.

My most recent accomplishment was publication of my first novel, Prot U, a satire set on a fictional university campus in Texas. Please click on the Books link above to read more about it. On the Books page you will also find information about the self-help book that I co-authored with Beverly J. Grottkau, Till Divorce Do Us Part.

You'll find biographical information at About Eva, including links to genealogy information on the Augustin family, my father's French ancestors. Media Information contains a news release and other material for use by the media, as well as a way to contact me for more information.